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Associate priests

The Revd S. Lovern

01275 332657 (Thursday – Sunday)

The Revd S. Munday

01275 331060 (Sunday, Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday mornings)


Margaret Marshall

01275 835342

Frank Tucker

01761 452156


Alison Hill
01275 331061 (Monday, Wednesday & Friday mornings)

Church wardens

St Andrew’s, Chew Magna


St Michael the Archangel, Dundry
Kathy Woodward

0117 9493628

Jane Lyons
0117 9641338

Holy Trinity, Norton Malreward


St Mary the Virgin, Stanton Drew
Gladys Arthur

01275 333018

St Andrew’s, Chew Stoke
Alison Hoddell

01275 332421

The Blessed Virgin Mary, Nempnett Thrubwell
Nick Houlton

01761 462075

Rosemary Porter

01761 462571